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We help business and technology leaders design and implement transformational change.

Mozaic enables organisations to become Future Ready - fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Our consultants are industry-recognised experts with deep practical experience, using proven proprietary IP to accelerate and de-risk change.

We enable our clients to build digital advantage to underpin growth; optimising costs and speed of delivery; and ensuring sustained, future-proofed digital transformation.


We transform Operating Models to drive business agility and continually deliver value

Organisations are under continual pressure to adapt to emerging business needs, and technology is always at the heart of any change. We work with our clients to meet this challenge, reimagining, redesigning and transforming technology operating models to successfully balance agility and customer-centricity with cost optimisation and control.

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Transforming organisations to drive business agility and enable continuous delivery of value

As the demand for exceptional customer service increases, organisations need to evolve and adapt to optimise their delivery of technology. In doing so they often find that their operating model is no longer fit for purpose, leading to points of stress and friction that prevent effective delivery, generate cost inefficiency and increase business risk.

Mozaic has deep practical experience of Operating Model design and transformation, using proven, proprietary IP and productised models to accelerate assessment, design and transformation.  Our work is also underpinned by volumes of analysis, insights and proprietary financial models providing a clear understanding of relative market value.

We explore existing functional and process models, governance and control mechanisms, data architecture, sourcing strategy, people and organisation requirements, tooling and automation opportunities and overall programme delivery needs; designing new structures that aret future ready.

We build consensus across leadership teams and ensure buy-in at all levels to support sustainable change. Rather than building a prescriptive ‘blueprint’, we follow a ‘playbook’ approach, facilitating an iterative implementation that is led and owned by client teams.

Using this approach results in a future ready, adaptive organisation; resilient to the inevitable changes and evolutions that will continue to reshape requirements over time.



We implement and configure industry-leading tools to orchestrate and automate DevOps change processes

In a rapidly changing world, it is no longer optional for businesses to embrace modern tooling and automation. Utilising sophisticated orchestration, we enable our clients to achieve previously unimagined efficiency benefits: reducing cycle times and supporting continual business change.

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Implementing industry-leading tools to orchestrate and automated DevOps change workflows create frictionless processes

As the demand to meet changing customer demand increases, organisations are often hamstrung navigating manual processes and find that siloed teams are preventing effective operations. In modern environments that have embraced tooling, DevOps and Agile this should not be the case.

We work with our clients to develop and implement their automation strategy - selecting and implementing appropriate tooling to automate processes and seamlessly integrate with existing tools and established ways of working.

Our dedicated platform and automation practice brings together many years of practical experience. Our team comprises fully certified, UK-based colleagues who are experts in process automation offering our clients a variety of automation solutions such as ServiceNow – the leading PaaS provider of ITSM to large corporations, globally.

Using established frameworks and trusted methods we accelerate the rate of adoption and deliver increased efficiency and quality throughout enterprise-wide IT processes, whilst maintaining visibility, auditability and control.  

We enable our clients’ Service Management and DevOps Product teams to operate in a highly orchestrated manner, benefiting from scalable, repeatable patterns and templates that drive increased velocity with full auditability.


We design future ready services that deliver outstanding customer experiences

Technology services underpin every aspect of your organisation, and to succeed you need to provide exceptional customer experiences both externally and internally. We design services ensuring products and platforms are aligned to the needs of customers and optimised for performance and value.

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Designing future ready services that deliver outstanding customer experiences

We recognise the phrase “service design” holds different meanings to different people. In ITIL it is focused on the operational needs of the customer, in the Public Sector functional requirements are the primary concern. At Mozaic we recognise it is both and more, and that service design always has a material impact on business outcomes and user experiences.

For digital products and applications, we establish a deep understanding of all user needs in order to design and build services that are not only functional but accessible, meaningful and valuable.

We also have proven expertise in service management and service integration, including platform and tooling selection, sourcing strategy and commercial support. With a strong understanding of standard frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT and SFIA, we are trusted by organisations across industries to provide services that are resilient, performant and secure.

Over the last decade Mozaic has developed a comprehensive set of tried and tested templates and models to inform a coordinated approach to service design based on proven solutions. These are applied with pragmatism and flexibility, and rigorously adapted to ensure meet our clients’ needs.

As a result, our clients benefit from services that exceed customer expectations, deliver exceptional value, and attain excellence in their SLAs within a well-managed budget.



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Our balanced portfolio of partnerships with market leading platform and services providers enables us to accelerate delivery with clients. Our recommendations to clients are always impartial and we pride ourselves on our independence. We only partner with leading companies with proven capabilities that we trust.  

The partnerships we build enable us to craft and implement the right solution, powered by the right platforms, in the most effective way.

Clients stand to benefit greatly from these partnerships, which keep us well informed about latest capabilities and offerings, as well as offering optimised commercial relationships. 

Click here for an interview with leaders from Mozaic and ServiceNow, one of our longstanding partners, about automation around ITSM and DevOps.

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