Future Proofing

Mozaic helps organisations build agile and sustainable IT delivery capabilities.

Applying Mozaic’s model enables IT to become future ready:  to tackle the challenges and opportunities that today’s business environment presents.

The Mozaic Model

Our model, developed over a number of years and continually refined, is a product of our consulting and operational experience. Proven in private companies and public sector organisations large and small, it deals in straightforward terms, with every aspect of IT delivery; how to engage users and the wider business, standards and policies, how to define and integrate services, and how to deliver them through internal teams and the supplier market.

The Mozaic model is most effective when combined with our concept of ‘standard services’. This enables all IT services to be defined as far as possible in terms of standard components, thus minimising dependency on any unique features, and enabling agility and the most efficient use of market prices.

How we work

We start by working quickly to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the IT estate. Doing this allows us to help develop the most appropriate design for the future. Building a model and making it work now and in the future usually involves four key stages: assess, design, transform and operate.

  1. Assess

    We conduct a rapid in-depth assessment of the IT estate against our industry standard operating model. From this we develop and agree a revised operating model for IT, a business case for its adoption, and a high level plan to get there.

  2. Design

    We develop or revise the full design of the three main components of the operating model: the in-house IT management organisation, the necessary components of the service integration capability, and any externally supplied or internally delivered operational and project services.

  3. Transform

    For any service that is going to be sourced from the market, we have appropriate contract templates. For everything else that is staying in-house, we can help build or mature the necessary processes, tools and skills.

  4. Operate

    We have developed a series of modular operational service components, covering the whole Service Management and Service Integration scope, which will complement any existing internal IT skills and capabilities. These include; supplier management, service transition and transformation support, financial and contract management, security management and programme delivery.


Building on our relationships with the key ITSM tooling providers, and using the most common tooling platforms, we have templated our model and service frameworks. Using these templates eases and de-risks tooling implementation for our customers.

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Building on our experience of process optimisation and service automation, we have created methods, tools and frameworks that enable us to accelerate the rate of adoption of automation to deliver increased efficiency, quality and compliance of business and IT processes.

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