Platform Practice

Mozaic applies its proven industry models and assessments to ensure that we deliver successful platform projects to our customers that are ‘Future Proof’.

If you are a platform customer of many years, or just starting to think about the change to an alternate platform, working with Mozaic will ensure that you make the right start and choices from the beginning.

Mozaic’s success is based on working with our clients in partnership, but applying our knowledge and skills that allows our clients to meet the project outcomes that have been tasked. Our platform practice has many years of technical and consulting experience, and our certified UK based resources continue to deliver value to all our clients.

At Mozaic we are more than happy to help any organisation that is ready to move to their next cloud based platform, or any existing organisation that needs to make sure their next project is the right one, delivered in the right way, within or beyond IT.

Platform Consultancy & Technical Implementation Services

  • Cloud based platform projects, from initial implementation to specific projects
  • Platform Assessments using the proven Mozaic methodologies for maturity and ROI activities
  • Defining strategies to support the business and IT, based on a clear platform roadmap, applying Mozaic ‘best practice’ models
  • Process and Data Structure evaluations and projects
  • Cloud based platform support and development with various options available
  • Assisted resource recruitment, help customers become self-sufficient

Other services

  • Independent platform selection, replacement and additional technical platforms
  • Business support for business cases, training strategies, project and Programme Management


John Wright
0203 709 1625 


  • 21.10.2021

    Service Now Assisted Recruitment Programme

    Mozaic’s unique assisted recruitment programme allows organisations to on-board their own ServiceNow skilled resources to deliver effective and efficient support, configuration and development of the ServiceNow platform.
  • 21.10.2021

    Service Now Platform Support

    Mozaic have various ServiceNow platform support models, therefore allowing Mozaic to have a support model that meets an organisation’s requirement to deliver effective and efficient support, configuration and development of the ServiceNow platform.
  • 21.10.2021

    Platform Assessment

    Mozaic’s platform assessment is for organisations wanting to fully understand how their processes are being supported, how mature they are in their application and how to make the right decisions moving forward.